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United States Box Order

We have very nice birch plywood boxes available that have foam lining to ship your slide safely. During the years we have provided shipping boxes, we have made several improvements in quality and safety. Boxes are now provided with foam lining and we custom fit rigid foam on each end of the completed slide for shipping home. The use of the rigid foam has reduced the likelihood that the slide will be knocked out of alignment during shipping home. The latest improvement is to provide a cardboard box that will act as a sleeve for the wooden box. The cost of the box is $25.00 plus shipping. The shipping usually runs between $15.00 and $25.00 to send the empty box to you.

To request a box to be shipped inside the US, please submit the form below. We will confirm your information and you will be billed for the box when your slide is sent back to you. For boxes to being shipped outside the US, please use our International Box Order Form to make sure that we have the proper shipping information. Please note that we do not work on instruments made in China.


(UPS doesn't ship to PO Boxes)

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