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What is a “Slide Setup?”

A Slide Setup gets the slide action as fast and smooth as the components will allow. Please note, many of the outer handslides require disassembly in order to maximize the results of the slide setup. A Slide Setup includes: Chem-clean and polish the inside of the outer tubes Straighten all four handslide tubes Remove any dents …

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Help for Sick Slides (and Even Good Ones)

How good is your slide? How much do you know about how a terrific slide works? The physics of a great slide are quite simple. For the slide to function at the highest possible level, it must: Have all four tubes perfectly straight, round and dent free Have the top and bottom outer tubes parallel …

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Cleanliness is Next to … (The War on Friction)

  The combination of tarnish, oxidation, residue from previous lubrication and other organic matter (slide cheese) combine to create friction between the tubes. Here is a phone call I receive quite often: Caller: I got this new slide and it was great. I haven’t dented it or stood it up on the slide or anything, …

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How can I arrange to have the service done?

Most slide work is done by appointment, assuring 48-72 hour turn-around in most cases where the slide is shipped in for service Appointments are accepted for in-the-shop setups. These are best made by phone at (770) 888-4111 or email at We have very nice birch plywood boxes available that have foam lining to ship …

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Does the Slide Dr. make House Calls?

For many years, we took the “Traveling Slide Show” on the road and clinics were given at the ITW, Eastern Trombone Workshop, and at many colleges and universities. A partial list: Curtis Institute of Music, Indiana University, University of Louisville, Florida State University, University of West Virginia, James Madison University, University of South Carolina, University …

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The Ebay Dilemma

WARNING! In recent years, we have seen several players find a deal on Ebay that was too good to be true, and it was. Instruments that are imported from foreign countries are not necessarily bad, but some have very low quality components. Even more troublesome is the concept that there are no replacement parts available …

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