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Ray Splawn

Ray SplawnWe are delighted to introduce Ray Splawn as the Slide Doctor. Ray is a professional trombonist, who studied with Bill Hill at Georgia State University and who continues to freelance in the Atlanta area.

Ray has done an apprenticeship in the Slide Dr. shop for five years and has now taken ownership of the business. He not only is a highly skilled technician, he has an excellent engineering mind and understands how to make slides function at the upper limits of the technology of the tubes. He also understands our philosophy that no slide is returned until it is the best that we can make it given the quality of the components we have at hand. As always, the Slide Dr. guarantee is complete satisfaction, or we will do whatever is necessary to try to make the slide function properly at no additional cost for labor.

We hope that you will stop by the shop, when you are in the North Georgia area, have your slide setup done and meet Ray.

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