• cost2The basic charge is $155.00 for all actions listed on the Setup Page, plus shipping.

  • If you are a veteran or currently serving in the military, let me know and you will receive a 10% discount for a slide setup.

  • Crook repair–$25.00 – $35.00

  • Leather hand brace wrap, removal–$5.00 each, $10.00 max

  • Special custom work (patches, etc)–$1.00 per minute

  • cost1Rotor cleaning and lube (walk-ins only)–$25.00 per rotor

  • Every effort will be made to reclaim damaged parts, however if parts are beyond repair due to really serious damage, you will be contacted about the advisability of replacement parts. A Bach, Model 8, was run over by a Jeep when it fell out of a gig bag in a parking lot. We were successful in saving every part and the owner said the slide worked better after the repair than when it was new.

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