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Box Order (Slide Repair)


*$30 + shipping

Specially crafted box container to ship your slide to the Slide Doctor for repair services.

UPDATE: Please read carefully:
The Slide Doctor is not accepting any slides until after the first of the New Year.  If you and I have already scheduled an appointment for November, I will meet that obligation. Starting the first of the new year, I will be accepting slides by appointment only.  This is to better accommodate Slide Doctor customers in a more timely manner. Thank you for your understanding. ~ The Slide Dr.

We have very nice birch plywood boxes available that have foam lining to ship your slide safely. During the years we have provided shipping boxes, we have made several improvements in quality and safety. Boxes are now provided with foam lining and we custom fit rigid foam on each end of the completed slide for shipping home. The use of the rigid foam has reduced the likelihood that the slide will be knocked out of alignment during shipping home.

*Effective Jan 3rd, 2022: The latest improvement is to provide a cardboard box that will act as a sleeve for the wooden box. The cost of the empty slide shipping box is $30.00, plus the shipping cost. You will be emailed an Invoice after the empty slide shipping box is sent to you. Once the requested work has been performed, and your slide is on its way home, a credit or debit will be applied to your final invoice to account for the difference of the actual shipping cost of sending you the empty slide shipping box.


Over the past 25 years, we have modified our shipping boxes to better protect your hand slide from damage in shipment. We are always looking for better ways to provide our customers with the safest and most simple shipping process we can find.

Our wooden boxes have been very successful in protecting your slides. The UPS guidelines suggest at least 2 inches of packaging around the item being shipped. We have designed a new cardboard box that will come with a 1½ inch thick block of Styrofoam under the wooden box and an additional block of Styrofoam on top of the wooden box, all inside the cardboard box. If your slide arrives in the shop in one of the old style cardboard sleeves, your slide will be returned in the Gen. IV box at no additional charge.

All that you will need to do is to cut the plastic packing tape on the top of the box, lift the flaps, and then lift out the top block of Styrofoam and remove the wooden box. From that point on, everything will be the same, refer to the enclosed “Box Instructions”.

To return the slide for a setup, find the “Instructions For Using This Box” page and pack the slide as recommended. Be sure to include the “Admission Form” and signed “Credit Card Authorization Form” inside the wooden slide shipping box along with the slide. Then, place the wooden box back in the cardboard box on top of the lower block of Styrofoam. Place the other block of Styrofoam on top of the wooden box, close the flaps and securely tape the top flaps. Using this box will be much easier than dealing with “peanuts.” You are now ready to ship the slide.