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Slide Doctor offers a range of repair & performance improvement services for your trombone slide making it perform as good or better than when it was new.
Follow the lead of some of the world’s finest
trombonists with a Slide Setup by the Slide Doctor.

Trombone Hand Slide

Pro Services

Setup from the Slide Doctor includes,

but is not limited to:

  • Removing oxidation and contaminants from the inside of the outer tubes
  • Checking the slide geometry, making adjustments to make sure the tubes are properly aligned
  • Ensuring that the tubes are perfectly round and dent free
  • Straightening the tubes
  • Applying polymer sealant to reduce friction

Paying it Forward Program

Our goal is to locate trombones that can be easily made playable and place them in the hands of deserving students who otherwise would be unable to afford a quality instrument!

Box Orders

How it Works

1. Fill out forms

2. Make a payment

3. Wait for box

4. Follow boxing instructions

5. Ship slide in box

6. Repairs performed

7. Final bill credited

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Don't forget to check out our Trombone Slide cleaning polish & slickcoat sealant:

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