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Box Order (Slide Repair)

*$30 + shipping

Specially crafted box container to ship your slide to the Slide Doctor for repair services.

We have very nice birch plywood boxes available that have foam lining to ship your slide safely. During the years we have provided shipping boxes, we have made several improvements in quality and safety. Boxes are now provided with foam lining and we custom fit rigid foam on each end of the completed slide for shipping home. The use of the rigid foam has reduced the likelihood that the slide will be knocked out of alignment during shipping home.

*Effective Jan 3rd, 2022: The latest improvement is to provide a cardboard box that will act as a sleeve for the wooden box. The cost of the empty slide shipping box is $30.00, plus the shipping cost. You will be emailed an Invoice after the empty slide shipping box is sent to you. Once the requested work has been performed, and your slide is on its way home, a credit or debit will be applied to your final invoice to account for the difference of the actual shipping cost of sending you the empty slide shipping box.


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Great Slide Set


Great Slide is a new polymer product used & provided exclusively by the Slide Doctor.

Great Slide Cleaning Polish removes oxidation and contaminants from the inside of outer trombone tubes, as well as from the external surfaces of all brass instruments.

Great Slide Slickcoat Sealant provides maximum polymer protection against oxidation and contaminants to the inside of outer trombone tubes, and it delivers an ultra slick sealant that minimizes friction between inner and outer trombone tubes, resulting in ultra smooth slide action. Great Slide Slickcoat Sealant also delivers deep shine and long-lasting protection to the external surfaces of all brass instruments.

Great Slide is a combination of natural and synthetic polymers which can greatly enhance slide action.

Used exclusively by the Slide Doctor
One of the secrets to a lightning fast slide!


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What People are Saying

“Highly Recommend”

"As a touring musician... I've had my slide aligned by some of the best technicians in the country... I would HIGHLY recommend the Slide Dr.'s services!"

Megan O


"Slide Dr. work is brilliant. I went to him a few years ago and will always continue to bring my slides. Very fair pricing and superior customer service makes the Slide Dr. stand above with his work."

Jordon S

“Absolute Magician”

"This man is an absolute magician. I destroyed my slide at a football game and took it to the Slide Dr the next morning. He fixed it better than it was new in no longer than two hours... Every trombone player should have the Slide Dr check out his/her slide. Absolutely recommended!"

Luis R

“Fantastic job”

"My slide was in terrible shape. It was slow and out of alignment. I sent my slide to the Dr. and it is a different slide. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them."

Jay W

Don't forget to check out our Trombone Slide cleaning polish & slickcoat sealant:

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