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What is a “Slide Setup?”

A Slide Setup gets the slide action as fast and smooth as the components will allow.

Please note, many of the outer handslides require disassembly in order to maximize the results of the slide setup.

A Slide Setup includes:

  • rock1Chem-clean and polish the inside of the outer tubes

  • Straighten all four handslide tubes

  • Remove any dents or flat places; round the tubes. Please understand that tubes that have been “repaired” by others, making them larger in the process, do not always result in perfect action

  • kneeTest individual tube pairs to make sure that there is no friction

  • When both pairs of tubes work correctly, assemble the outer handslide if it has been disassembled

  • Check and adjust width of right hand grip to insure the outer tubes are parallel

  • Check and adjust the left hand grip to insure that each inner tube centered in its respective outer tube

  • Spot lacquer any areas where lacquer was removed due to the necessity of heating to re-solder parts, for handslides that have been disassembled and reassembled

  • Using Great Slide Cleaning Polish, remove any remaining oxidation on the inside of outer tubes

  • rock2Apply the Great Slide Slickcoat Sealant polymers to fill the valleys in the brass on the inside of the outer tubes and make the surface as uniformly smooth as possible

  • Clean several times to remove most of polymer treatment residue

  • Treat the outside brass surface areas with both Great Slide Polymer products to provide a protective shine

  • Play, test the action of the slide to make sure slide function is as good as possible

  • Check water key for proper closure, replace the cork and spring if necessary

  • Align and lubricate water key

  • Replace the felts in the cork barrels (unless the slide uses springs)


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